Tenille Arts is Taking Notes During Concerts

Tenille Arts is Taking Notes During Concerts

Tenille Arts continues to be out on the road with Lady A and the What A Song Can Do tour – this week they’re swinging through the Carolinas, and Georgia, before Tenille heads off to Austin for a show of her own on Sunday at a festival.

With all that performing on stage, Tenille will still sneak away to concerts where she’s the “fan” – but she does admit that at times, watching a concert means taking a lot of mental notes for her future shows. “I’m sometimes taking notes…I really love the concerts that are kind of larger-than-life so anytime I go to a concert like that, if they do something that I’ve never seen before I’m kind of like ‘Okay someday if I get to do an arena tour, like that’s going to be my thing I’m going to add parts of that in there’ but it’s almost hard for me to go to concerts because I want to be the one performing and if it’s hard sometimes to sit there but I can really appreciate what people are doing on stage cuz I know how much work it is.”

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Now matter what stage she’s on, Tenille Arts is sharing with the crowd her current single “Back Then, Right Now”

“Back Then, Right Now” is one of the tracks from her upcoming album, Girl To Girl, which arrives October 22nd.

Photo Courtesy of Tenille Arts

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