Tenille Arts Kills the Online Trolls & Bullies with Kindness & Comments

Tenille Arts Kills the Online Trolls & Bullies with Kindness & Comments

Doesn’t matter whether you’re famous or not…everyone has to deal with online trolls or bullies at some point.

Tenille Arts is very active on social media sharing things with her fans…like the behind the scenes of her music video for “Back The, Right Now.”

And most of the time what Tenille gets back from her fans is a positive experience with them messaging and commenting in a polite and nice way.

But, there’s also the haters…and it’s those people that will try to provoke a negative response from Tenille.

Tenille discovered that when someone leaves a rude or mean comment, she addresses that post in a calm and respectful manner, and most of the time she can defuse the situation and even turn the mean-poster into a nice one.

She shares, “It’s always funny how the tone changes…if you like their comment and then just say something underneath like it doesn’t even have to…it doesn’t have to be negative you can just be like ‘oh hey glad you saw me on the show.’ You know, it’s just kind of acknowledging that people…when people make negative comments they think that the artist don’t see them or whatever it is but it’s like the second you show that you’ve seen it and that you commented their tone changes like that! It’s just it’s just funny to see for me I think I like that kind of stuff.”

So, with that, her fans are commenting that they love Tenille’s new song “Back Then, Right Now.”

Photo Courtesy of Tenille Arts

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