Luke Combs Makes It 6 in a Row At Number-1 with “Forever After All”

Luke Combs Makes It 6 in a Row At Number-1 with “Forever After All”

Just over 2 months of 2021 belong to Luke Combs.

That’s how long his songs have claimed the number-one spot on the Billboard country airplay chart.

First with “Better Together” back in January and February…

and now here in June and July “Forever After All” is spending its 6th week at number-1!

3 other artists have had multiple weeks at number-1, but even adding them all together, they still don’t equal the amount of weeks Luke has claimed the top spot on the Billboard country airplay chart in 2021.

When he moved to Nashville, it was a bit of a roll of the dice. Luke believed in himself, and knew he had talent, but sometimes it takes more than that. While he parents also believed in him, they also knew the risks. Luke shares, “When I decided to move, I was kind of running out of my lease in Boone, where I was no longer a student at the time I had decided to leave Boone, I had just recently dropped out with 21 hours left to pursue music and my parents have always been very supportive and they don’t make a ton of money so they were like we obviously support you going out to Nashville and chasing your dream, but we also don’t have the ability to kind of catch you if you fall.”

We think it’s OK for mom and dad to relax now.

As Luke has camped out in the number-one spot on the Billboard Airplay Chart…he promised his fans two new songs…and he delivered…

with sharing videos of “Good Ole Days”

and “Five-Leaf Clover”

Luke also shared with fans news about his next single at country radio, and a new project, “Excited to let y’all know ‘Cold As You’ will be my next song on the radio, then it’s time for NEW MUSIC.”

Listen to “Cold As You” – from Luke’s deluxe album, What You See Ain’t Always What You Get right here…

Photo Credit: Zack Massey

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