Tenille Arts Shares Every Day From 2020

Tenille Arts Shares Every Day From 2020

Can you remember what you did every day of 2020?

Tenille Arts‘ makes sure to video at least some part of every day so she can look back on her year…and now she’s sharing that video log with you.

Tenille comments “Can we agree that this was simultaneously the longest and fastest year of all time? Bye, 2020”

Then in 6 minutes and 13 seconds you can watch Tenille’s year, which includes lots of music, fun, food, and moments that end up telling the story of a year well lived.

2021 will be another year filled with great moments as her song “Somebody Like That” continues to climb the music charts…but for now, you can check out Tenille’s look back at 2020 right here…

Photo Credit: Rachel Deeb

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