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Here’s How Much Money You Waste by Ordering Dinner Instead of Cooking

We order out a lot and don’t cook as much anymore.  So how much money are you throwing away each time you do it?  “Forbes” magazine looked into it.  And the answer is about FIVE TIMES what it costs to make the same thing at home. They looked at over 80 different dinner recipes, and compared what…MORE

The 50 Biggest Product Flops of All Time

The website 24/7 Wall Street put together a list of the top 50 failed products of all time.  Here are the top 10 . . . 1.  Google Glass, 2013. 2.  The Newton, Apple’s lame digital notepad from 1993. 3.  The Atari game “E.T. the Extra Terrestrial”.  They made 4 million copies . . . sold 1.5 million…MORE

When It Gets Too Hot Outside, You Get Dumber

According to a new study out of Harvard, when it’s really hot outside, it makes people DUMBER.  The researchers found when there’s a heat wave, students get lower scores on tests than they do when the weather’s nicer.  MORE

Wearing a Tie Cuts Blood Flow to Your Brain by 8%

A new study in Germany scanned the brains of 30 men.  Half of them wore neckties while they were being scanned, and half didn’t. And wearing one constricted the veins in their neck so much, it reduced blood flow to their brains by about 8%. That’s enough to potentially slow down your brain’s processing power,…MORE

Half of People Secretly Wish They Could Sleep in Separate Beds

According to a new study, almost HALF of people say they secretly wish they could sleep in separate beds . . . just to get a better night’s sleep.  And 12% of couples already do sleep separately. The top five reasons why they wish they could sleep alone are:  Their partner snores . . .…MORE

The Top Five Safety Hazards Around the Fourth of July

There are a ton of lists floating around the internet that have to do with Fourth of July safety.  So we went through and broke them down into five categories . . . 1.  Fireworks.  Don’t let yourself have a relaxed attitude with them, because that’s how accidents happen.  Don’t let kids use them unsupervised. …MORE

Can This Shaving Cream Hack Really Cure a Sunburn?

A woman in Texas recently posted photos of a shaving cream hack that can supposedly CURE a sunburn.  The photos have been making the rounds on Facebook for the past week.  And the hack is pretty simple. You just take menthol shaving cream . . . smear it on your sunburn . . . and wait 30…MORE

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