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KI Good News – 3/9/2019

A teen in Arkansas surprised his friend with a new electric wheelchair after saving up for three years. Tanner Wilson bought the wheelchair for his friend and classmate Brandon Qualls, who had been using a manual wheelchair for years. Read more about this story here.MORE

KI Good News – 3/2/2019

As a nurse, it’s one thing to take care of your patients. For one nurse who always wanted to be a mother, she says that God put her in the right place at the right time. Now, she has a son. Read more here.MORE

KI Good News – 2/23/19

Today’s story features a teddy bear that went on quite the adventure after being accidentally left behind. Read more about the bear’s adventure here.MORE

KI Good News – 2/16/19

A group of middle school boys in Kansas made sure that this Valentine’s Day was special for every girl in their school. Read more about how they were able to make the day special for 270 students here.  MORE

KI Good News – 2/9/2019

What did we do to deserve dogs? Saidi is an 11 year old pitbull who has never ran away from home – until this week when she smelled a gas leak. Read more about this good girl here.MORE

KI Good News – 2/2/19

KI Good News – 2/2/19

With wind chills near -50 or lower, you might think it would be hard to find much good. However, here are a few good stories to come out of the polar vortex: 1.  A good Samaritan in Chicago rented enough hotel rooms to get seventy homeless people out of the cold on Wednesday after they were staying…MORE

KI Good News – 1/26/2019

Social media can be a hateful place these days, and celebrities are not immune to this. After comedian Patton Oswalt had a bit of a “back and forth” with a stranger on Twitter, he looked back through the man’s timeline and saw that he had some significant health issues. So, he donated to his GoFundMe…MORE

KI Good News – 1/19/19

Quick thinking by a 12-year-old saved his grandfather’s life – and likely countless others – when the 71-year-old man had a stroke behind the wheel. Read more about this story here.MORE

KI Good News – 1/12/2019

A McDonald’s worker in Kansas received a very generous gift from a customer – a new car. Read more about this story here.MORE

KI Good News – 1/5/19

The Houston Texans may be our rivals in today’s AFC wild-card game, but I think we can all agree that this is a good deed. Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins is donating the check he receives from today’s game to the family of a 7-year-old girl who was killed in a drive-by shooting. Hopkins shared this…MORE

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