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KI Good News – 1/5/19

The Houston Texans may be our rivals in today’s AFC wild-card game, but I think we can all agree that this is a good deed. Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins is donating the check he receives from today’s game to the family of a 7-year-old girl who was killed in a drive-by shooting. Hopkins shared this…MORE

KI Good News – 12/22/2018

It was a true Christmas miracle for a young girl in Texas whose inoperable brain tumor simply disappeared. While doctors have no explanation, the family says that God healed her. Read more about this story here.MORE

KI Good News – 12/15/18

A 15-year-old in Wisconsin is being hailed a hero after he saved his 11-year-old sister, his mom, and his aunt from a fire this week. Read more about this story here.MORE

KI Good News – 12/01/18

A Grant County teen now has a family to call her own – after 4,057 days in foster care. Check out this heartwarming story here.MORE

KI Good News – 11/24/18

It has become an unlikely Thanksgiving tradition – and it all started with a text sent to the wrong number. Read more here.MORE

KI Good News – 11/17/18

For about two decades, Wally Richardson has been standing in front of Marina Village Middle School each morning sharing wisdom to students through proverbs. The kids love it, and they’ve even given his sayings a nickname: “Wallyisms”. Read more about how this 95-year-old man shares his wisdom with nearly 800 students every day here.MORE

KI Good News – 11/10/18

A World War II vet hadn’t touched a guitar in 40 years. After receiving a guitar as a gift, it didn’t take long for the music to flow back to the 92-year-old Navy veteran. Read more here.MORE

KI Good News – 11/3/18

A four-year-old boy from Florida has even more of a reason to love Halloween. Boy with Cancer, 4, Receives Hundreds of Halloween ‘Cheer Cards’ from People Around the Country — People (@people) October 31, 2018MORE

KI Good News – 10/27/18

It was a wrong number – but maybe, it was exactly the right one. An Army vet who thought he couldn’t call an ambulance after he had complications from surgery called his sister instead. She thought she called his social worker to arrange a ride to the emergency room – but instead, she called a…MORE

KI Good News – 10/20/2018

A Florida woman shared an act of kindness – paying for a 1-year-old’s birthday cake while mourning the loss of her stillborn baby. Read more about this story here.MORE

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