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KI Good News – 5/29/2021

A southern Indiana elementary school music teacher used the unusual school year to create an adorable and heartwarming music video with her students. Get the full story from WRTV.MORE

KI Good News – 4/3/21

Like many others around the world, Mark Uomoto was unable to visit with his mom for more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic. That finally changed this past week when he was reunited with his 98-year-old mom. Check out the full story along with photos from the reunion here.MORE

KI Good News – 3/20/2021

It was a dream come true for a foster child when his math teacher adopted him. Check out the story from CBS News.MORE

KI Good News – 2/13/21

Many of us get close to our coworkers (after all, we spend most of our time with them) – but would you ever give your coworker a car? That’s what a 17-year-old did after she won one in a company raffle. Get the story here.MORE

KI Good News – 2/6/21

You’ve likely heard of the wild ride of GameStop’s stock lately. One college student who made $30,000 on the stock gave back to a children’s hospital in Minnesota. Read more here.MORE

KI Good News – 1/30/2021

We all have that teacher we will always remember. For a class of kindergartners in Minnesota, that teacher will be Kelly Klein – who continues to teach virtually even as she goes through chemo. Read more from CBS News.MORE

KI Good News – 1/9/21

The Indianapolis Colts are in the playoffs today thanks to the very team they’ll be playing – the Buffalo Bills. To say thank you to the team that helped them get to the playoffs, Colts fans donated to a cause near and dear to the heart of Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen.   Thank you…MORE

KI Good News – 1/2/21

A homeless man rescued 16 pets from a burning building in Atlanta, Georgia last month. Check out the full story here.MORE

KI Good News – 12/12/2020

A Florida man…Now, before I continue, this is not your typical “Florida man” story. A Florida man paid off the past due amounts for 114 families who were at risk of having their utilities shut off. Read more here.  MORE

KI Good News – 11/28/2020

Thanksgiving might have looked different for many this year – including college students, who often struggle with food insecurity. Faculty from Indiana University Kokomo’s School of Nursing recognized this and helped out 49 students and their families with Thanksgiving meals. Read more here.MORE

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