The word image is defined as a mental or visual representation, an impression that something presents to the public. For a radio station, the image is found in its sound. Part of the charm of WWKI’s image lies in the voice and sense of humor of one Nick.

    Nick hosts the afternoon show on WWKI – and is the station’s Program Director. He is the glue that holds this crazy band of misfits together.  Nick describes his management style as, “a totalitarian dictator who rules with an iron fist.”

    Nick’s earliest memories of radio in his life involved one of his parents. “I used to go to the public radio station in Evansville to watch my mom work her air shift,” he said. The radio bug really bit thanks to a DJ named Brian Jackson who worked mornings on WSTO, Evansville in the late 1980’s. “I remember thinking how cool it would be to get paid to play music,” Nick said. He got to play Jazz and Blues after 5 during his first radio job at Indiana State University’s WISU.

    Nick considers himself fortunate to have never had to work outside of radio, and is proud of WWKI’s work with We Care and the station’s longevity.

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