Craig Campbell Gets New Ink In Honor of His Daughters, Preslee and Kinni Rose

If you ask Craig Campbell to describe his relationship with his daughters, Preslee and Kinni Rose, you’ll hear him say, “It’s the best thing ever. They are the reasons I do what I do.”

As a matter of fact, that’s just why the “Outskirts of Heaven” singer got some new tattoos—to honor his baby girls. With tattoos already on his stomach, back, and forearm, Craig wanted to add his daughters birth dates and a rose—for Kinni Rose— to his already existing forearm tats.

“These are their birth dates in Roman numerals but it’s in their handwriting, Craig shares with Nash Country Daily. “I told them to write it down on an index card, so then I had them copied to my arm.

“The rose is, well Kinni’s middle name is Rose, and these symbols are their zodiac signs. Then this one [pointing to musical notes] is “Family Man”—my first song I had on the radio—so this whole stretch [on the arm] is all about my girls, my wife and my family.”

With such a close relationship to their dad, it’s inevitable that his young daughters would catch the musical bug. Craig does admit that both Kinni Rose and Preslee love singing, but they still haven’t declared that they want to follow in their father’s footsteps.

“I have a feeling when Preslee realizes how much she does love it and being able to play and sing in front of an audience and get the responses like I’ve gotten—that’s kinda how I got hooked—she’ll get involved,” Craig adds. “She’s already writing songs. Her and her mama wrote a song called “Prayers Go Up, Blessings Come Down.” Music, I think, will be a part of her life somehow.”

Check out Craig’s new tattoos from his Instagram post.

New ink! #kinniROSE #intheirhandwriting #halfsleeve @newleezy

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Photos by Jason Simanek

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