Male Call



JR Dennis, Nick Livingston, Sherry Foxx and Sarah Page take to the airwaves weekday mornings at 9:30 AM to serve the communities of North Central Indiana. Heard on a heritage radio station, Male Call seeks to provide a platform for the listeners of WWKI to let their voice be heard. We also try to have a little fun.

Male Call is an hour long talk show that focuses on local issues and community service. Thursday is complaint or compliment day. Listeners are encouraged to call in to praise or air their grievances about whatever is on their mind. The second Wednesday of the month is Sell-It-Day. This gives community members an opportunity to sell an item or ask the community for unique items that they are trying to find. The show also occasionally hosts local guests and politicians like the Mayor of Kokomo and the Governor of Indiana.

The unique blend of community issues, local advertisers, and dynamic personalities is what’s kept listeners tuning to Male Call for decades.

You can always call the Male Call Voicemail line 24/7 at (765) 416-3225


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