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Video Game Addiction Is Now Officially a Mental Health Condition

The World Health Organization has officially classified video game addiction as a mental health condition for the first time ever.  They’re calling it “gaming disorder,” and it’s included in the 11th edition of their “International Classification of Diseases”. That gives the addiction a significant boost in credibility, and could help make it easier for people who…MORE

Four Things That Put You at Risk Online, According to a Hacker

Someone talked to an actual hacker about things people do that put them at risk online.  Here are four big ones: 1.  Not changing your password regularly.  You’ve probably heard it a million times, but it’s THAT important.  If you’ve been using the same password for five years, change it.  Especially if you use the…MORE

Broccoli Coffee Is Now a Thing, and It’s Exactly What It Sounds Like

A coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia just started selling BROCCOLI COFFEE.  Which is just what it sounds like:  Coffee with broccoli in it.  Specifically, they use a special powder made from broccoli, and add it to lattes. On the bright side, just two tablespoons of the powder is the equivalent of five servings of vegetables.…MORE

Ten Unexpected Things That Are Now “Cool” in 2018

A new survey gave people a huge list of stuff and asked if each one was “cool” or not.  Here are 10 unexpected things that are now cool in 2018 . . . 1.  Reusable coffee cups and water bottles. 2.  Maintaining a balanced diet. 3.  Staying in instead of going out.  Also, dinner parties…MORE

Have Scientists Developed a Pizza That Prevents Cancer?

A team of scientists and chefs in Italy say they’ve developed a pizza that can help PREVENT CANCER and heart disease. The pizza is made with a wheat flour dough and uses lots of cherry tomatoes, broccoli rabe, olives, garlic, and chilies as toppings.  It also uses a lot of olive oil. You probably noticed…MORE

A New Study Was Able to Find Cancer Just by Doing a Simple Blood Test

A new study led by researchers at the Taussig Cancer Institute in Cleveland was able to detect cancer in people just by doing a simple BLOOD test. They did it by scanning people’s blood for tiny pieces of DNA that get released by cancer cells and end up in your bloodstream. They’re calling the test…MORE

Here’s What You Should and Shouldn’t Buy in June

It’s officially June, which means you’ve probably got people to buy for this month, like dads, grads, and newlyweds.  So if you’re looking to save some money, here’s a quick guide on what you should buy and what you should skip in June . . . First, the three things you should buy are .…MORE

When Someone Cancels Plans, Are You Disappointed . . . or Secretly Relieved?

So a new survey asked people:  When someone cancels plans, how do you feel? And 53% of people said they’re usually disappointed . . . but 22% are usually RELIEVED.  (The remaining 25% said they felt a different emotion or aren’t sure how they feel about cancelled plans.) The breakdown by age is pretty interesting, though. …MORE

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