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We’re Now More Afraid of Having Our Data Stolen Than Our Wallet or Car

Last year, a survey asked how much people thought their personal data was worth, and the average was $340.  But that was before we all found out Facebook sold it for a lot less . . . and it was being used to manipulate us like we never realized. And according to a new survey,…MORE

Could Electric Forks Replace Salt?

Researchers at the University of Maine created a set of chopsticks that deliver an electric pulse every time they touch your tongue.  And they found it enhanced the flavor of food without ANY salt.  They used chopsticks, but it would work with forks too. They were able to make foods taste salty, sour, and even…MORE

The Top Five Social Media Posts That Can Ruin Your Chances of Landing a Job

Director James Gunn recently got kicked off the next “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie for offensive tweets he posted years ago.  And according to a new survey, it’s pretty common OUTSIDE Hollywood too . . . 34% of companies have either fired or disciplined an employee over something they posted on social media.  And it’s even more common when it comes…MORE

Five Things You Should Do to Have a Better Weekend

It’s Friday!  But if you’re like me and feel like your weekends always evaporate in the blink of an eye, here are five tips from a time-management expert . . . 1.  Plan it out.  If you don’t plan anything for your weekend, chances are you’ll end up mindlessly watching TV or browsing the internet…MORE

Someone Is Selling Teddy Bears Made Out of Raw Chicken

There’s a woman named Maggie in Metairie, Louisiana, and she’s selling teddy bears made out of RAW CHICKEN on Facebook. She literally stitches together raw chicken parts in the shape of a teddy bear . . . and you can cook it and eat it.  The bears look like something out of a horror movie.…MORE

Five Smart Tips for Back-to-School Shopping

It’s August, which means it’s time to start thinking about back-to-school shopping.  So if you’ve got kids, here are five tips to save you some money . . . 1.  Shop on tax-free holidays.  Fourteen states are having sales tax holidays this month, where you can purchase certain back-to-school items without paying sales tax.  (Check out…MORE

The Ten Happiest and Unhappiest States in America

A new study ranked the happiest and least happy states in America by looking at three categories . . . “Health” . . . including things like depression rates and how much sleep people get. “Lifestyle” choices . . . so, things like work-life balance and how many vacation days people take. And “prosperity” .…MORE

An Ancient Sarcophagus Was Just Opened . . . and Now There’s a Petition to Drink the Mummy Juice

Drinking 2,000-year-old sewage isn’t going to give you superpowers.  Unless you consider “permanent diarrhea” a superpower.  In which case, yeah, drinking old sewage is going to give you RAGING, EXPLOSIVE superpowers. An ancient sarcophagus was discovered at a construction site in Alexandria, Egypt last week. And when archaeologists cracked it open, they found bones from…MORE

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