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KI Good News – 6/16/18

Today’s story highlights an autistic teen who delivered a powerful speech at his graduation – encouraging others to do the “unexpected”. An autistic teen who is usually nonverbal just did the unexpected: he delivered a powerful graduation speech. You’re going to want to watch with your volume on — CBS News (@CBSNews) June 13,…MORE

KI Good News – 6/9/18

It was a simple gesture, but a huge comfort to a pregnant mother after a car accident in Tennessee. A firefighter comforted her 4-month old baby after the accident, making sure she was okay first. The baby fell asleep in his arms. Read more about this story here.MORE

KI Good News – 6/2/18

Here’s a reminder that social media can be used for good. A man used Twitter to find the stranger who saved his life on Memorial Day on Lake Michigan. Hey Twitter This is Max, Max saved me from drowning yesterday in the Lake I don’t have Max’s twitter but Max I appreciate you 💯👌🏽😂 retweet…MORE

KI Good News – 5/26/18

I truly believe that in every bad situation, there is a piece of good. This was the case yesterday, when a student opened fire in Jason Seaman’s classroom at Noblesville West Middle School. Jason is now being hailed a hero after stopping the student. He was shot several times but was able to step in and…MORE

KI Good News – 5/12/18

A mom with terminal cancer had been dreaming to live long enough to see her son’s graduation. When she was too sick to leave the hospital, her friends worked to bring the graduation to her. Read more here.MORE

KI Good News – 5/5/18

A 4-year-old in Birmingham, Alabama, turns into a superhero once a week. His mission? To feed as many homeless people as he can. There’s a tiny superhero with a special gift for capturing the hearts of the homeless in Alabama Steve Hartman caught up with the caped crusader @OnTheRoadCBS — CBS Evening News…MORE

KI Good News – 4/28/18

13 semi trucks lined a freeway in Detroit to help a man considering suicide this week. Read more about how the Michigan State Police organized the assistance at FOX 2 Detroit. *If you or a loved one is considering suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides…MORE

KI Good News – 4/21/18

Bree is in for Kenny today, and she has a miraculous story of a 2 year old’s recovery after life support was turned off. Check out this family’s Easter miracle here.MORE

KI Good News – 4/14/18

An Indianapolis teenager was surprised with a scholarship from none other than Magic Johnson. Check out this “magic” moment here.MORE

KI Good News – 4/7/18

Most of us get excited when we find out we’re going to a concert, right? Check out this grandma’s reaction when she got a special surprise in her Easter basket this year – in the form of Justin Timberlake tickets.MORE

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