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The U.S. Military’s Method for Falling Asleep in Two Minutes

There was a story this week about a new drink called “Som Sleep” that supposedly knocks you out in 30 minutes.  But if you don’t have time for that, here’s a much quicker way . . . A book way back in 1981 revealed a secret method the U.S. military supposedly came up with that can put you to…MORE

Having Your Phone Nearby Makes You Less Productive, Even If It’s Off

Where you keep your phone during work can have a major effect on your productivity, according to a recent study.  Especially if it’s out where you can see it.  And even if it’s off. Researchers tested people’s cognitive abilities while their phones were in different places . . . in their pocket, face-down in front…MORE

Taking Your Shoes Off at Your Front Door Could Help You Lose Weight?

According to a new study, taking your shoes off at your front door could help you lose WEIGHT.   It has to do with tiny chemical particles we come in contact with every day that mess with our hormones and promote fat growth in our tissues. They’re called “obesogens.”  (Pronounced oh-BEASE-oh-gens).  And they’re in everything from cleaning…MORE

Five Underwear Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Here’s a personal question:  Are you wearing your underwear correctly?  You might not be if you do anything from this list of five common underwear mistakes. 1.  Not wearing cotton.  Silk and synthetic fabrics don’t breathe like cotton does, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria. 2.  Wearing the wrong size.  Underwear that’s too…MORE

KI Good News – 4/7/18

Most of us get excited when we find out we’re going to a concert, right? Check out this grandma’s reaction when she got a special surprise in her Easter basket this year – in the form of Justin Timberlake tickets.MORE

Eight Signs You Could Live to Be 100

Here are eight signs YOU could make it to 100, or even older . . . 1.  You’re still relatively young.  Medical treatments are getting better and better.  So the average 20-year-old is twice as likely to reach 100 as their parents are. 2.  You have relatives who lived into their 90’s.  Whether you make…MORE

Pumpkin Spice Deodorant Has Arrived

A company called Native just released pumpkin spice DEODORANT for both men and women.  And hey, it’s all natural and organic, so it’s not going to put you in contact with all the chemicals like your regular deodorant does. You can order it now, but they’re definitely not giving it away . . . a…MORE

Girl Scout Cookie Breakfast Cereal Is Really Happening

General Mills just announced that Girl Scout Cookie BREAKFAST CEREAL is coming soon.  There will be a Thin Mints flavor, and a Caramel Crunch flavor . . . and from the pictures on the boxes, they really do look like cookies in a bowl.  LINKMORE

9-year-old threatened with sexual harassment after writing a love letter

This story perfectly sums up how ridiculous schools have gotten since we were kids. A nine-year-old fourth grader in Hillsborough County, Florida was sent to the principal’s office recently, and threatened with sexual harassment charges . . . because he gave a girl in his class a love letter. He drew a heart on a…MORE

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