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Six Stats About St. Patrick’s Day 2016

Six Stats About St. Patrick’s Day 2016

Here are a few stats about St. Patrick’s Day this year.  51.2% of Americans are celebrating . . . more than four out of five are wearing green today . . . and people around the world will drink 13 million pints of Guinness. LINKMORE

Hollywood Happenings 3-17-16

KATHERINE HEIGL is doing commercials for kitty litter now.  Apparently, she has an anti-cruelty foundation that’s in a partnership with the kitty litter company. Nike Releases Trailer for Their Real Self-Lacing Shoes, Inspired By ‘Back to the Future II’MORE

Companies Are Starting to Offer Pet Bereavement Days

Some companies are starting to offer “pet bereavement days,” where you get a few paid days off to deal with your emotions if your pet dies.  And a survey found 30% of people who lost pets said they couldn’t function at work afterward.  LINKMORE

Hollywood Happenings 3-15-16

“Fast 8” is filming in Iceland.  And the other day a strong wind sent part of a plastic iceberg from the set flying into a horse enclosure, hitting two horses.  One horse named Jupiter had to be put down.  LINK New “Game of Thrones” cast member IAN MCSHANE upset fans by leaking a possible spoiler. …MORE

Want to Get Healthy? Just Quit Your Job

Want to Get Healthy? Just Quit Your Job

A great way to get healthy quick is to stop WORKING.  A new study found that people who retired got an extra 93 minutes of exercise every week . . . spent 67 fewer minutes every day sitting . . . and slept for 77 more minutes every night.  LINK  MORE

Getting a Bunch of Tattoos Is Good For Your Health?

A new study found that people who get a bunch of tattoos might be HEALTHIER than the rest of us.  When you get a lot of tattoos, it trains your body to handle pain and stress, which can make your immune system stronger. LINKMORE

An Expensive New Skin Cream Is Giving Women Nightmares

There’s an expensive new skin cream from a company called Dr. Brandt that’s giving some women NIGHTMARES.  A neuroscientist thinks it might be because an ingredient in the cream interacts with other drugs and enhances their side effects.  LINKMORE

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