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519 North Main Street
Kokomo, IN 46901

(765) 459-4191

The Sales Team has a minimum of one full year working together at WWKI. These talented marketing and advertising executives bring a wealth of experience to serve your needs. Practicing fundamental marketing techniques is the foundation of how each of them works with their clients. Cumulus Media provides a regular diet of training exercises that helps our staff to carry the knowledge of best practices of Terrestrial and Digital marketing solutions. WWKI is very proud to serve this community and support the success of many businesses, large and small. Please allow us to help you reach our fabulous audience with your message and brand, in an effort to grow your business. Thank you.

John Spilman
Market Manager
(765) 459-4191

Alan Warner
Sales Manager
(765) 456-1106

Pam Grant
Account Executive
(765) 456-1110

Jonathan Rogers
Account Executive
(765) 456-1112

Bruce Mughmaw
Account Executive
(765) 456-1113

Amanda Beasley
Account Executive
(765) 319-3310

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