Haynes Apperson Festival 2019

Every year we are in need for volunteers, July 4th-6th during the festival at Foster Park! It’s a great event, and they would love to have as many volunteers as possible!

Volunteers are currently needed for:

1) sell 50/50 tickets on Friday and Saturday

2) pick up trash (HUGE need ALL weekend) we supply the gloves, bags, water and trash bags, bring a buddy!

3) We also help by escorting people via a golf cart from the handicap lot to the festival.

4) We assist with selling ice to vendors, again via a golf cart.

5) and we sell tickets to the live music portion of the concerts.

Selling raffle tickets takes 3-4 people per day, the handicap lot escort(s) is 1-2 people per shift/per day, selling ice takes 1 person driving to the vendors selling ice and collecting money.  Picking up trash is an ongoing, all day FUN responsibility that goes into 1-2 am nightly bring A LOT of friends with you!!  Woo hoo!  We have many opportunities, and have contests while we’re picking up trash.  Don’t miss out! The more help, the less amount of time we spend!

If anyone can use credit for volunteering or community service, forms are available. Youth can get involved and earn credits.  People, family/church family and friends can volunteer simply to give back to their community and meet new people!  It’s a lot of fun!

Hours range from:

Thursday: 5pm-12am

Friday 5pm-1am

Saturday: 4pm-1am

Shifts are in 3-4 hour increments, unless you can commit for longer periods of time.

Interested people can contact Brianne Boles if they are interested at briannelb@gmail.com or 765-437-5785.  


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