Indiana State Police Demonstrate How Quickly a Hot Car Becomes Deadly

State police Sgt. John Perrine and Capt. Mike Pruitt with Wayne Township Fire demonstrated how quickly temperatures can escalate inside a car on a hot summer day.  Live on Twitter, the two officers sat in their cruiser for 30 minutes, documenting the temps in the car and the way they were feeling live on the internet.  So far this spring, nine children have died in hot cars nationally, with one of those deaths here in central Indiana when a three year old Anderson girl died in a hot vehicle.  Capt. Pruitt says “The message is simple: Don’t leave anyone in the car regardless of temperature, regardless of what is going on. It’s not safe to leave a young child,”

The officers said their ability to think clearly and speak was affected after about 20 minutes.  After 30 minutes, the temperature inside the car was 124 degrees!

What to do if you see a child in a car?  Sgt. Perrine says “Start yelling ‘whose car is this?’ It may be someone very close. At that point take further action. The first thing you should do is call police,” Never, ever leave a child or animal in a vehicle.

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