This is what makes America great!

After the horrible images of Nazis marching with torches on the streets of Charlottesville, who could have dreamed that a hurricane with biblical rains would help heal a nation?  I feel like that’s happening right now in Texas.  The terrible loss of life and property cannot be diminished, but we are seeing the best of America.  Citizens helping neighbors with no regard to race or religion.  Boat owners heading en masse from far away places to help rescue people they have never met.  Non-profits in the area raising record amounts of money to help our fellow citizens.  Children all over the country hosting fundraisers, all to benefit those affected by hurricane Harvey. I wanted to share this particular image, because it really sums up the American spirit.  It’s a image I saw on Twitter, shared by a man named Michael Berry.  His tweet read ” This is Houston. Wanna know what this line is for? Food? Water? Housing? Nope. These people are waiting in line TO VOLUNTEER. ​ #Harvey”

Don’t ever doubt it friends.  America IS great.  Always has been, always will be. It’s a shame it takes a disaster to remind us of that fact.

If you haven’t been able to help in the recovery efforts, please text HARVEY to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross and their efforts in Texas.  It will appear as a $10 charge on your cell phone bill.  No amount is too small!

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