Girl Scout Works to Donate a 1,000 Boxes of Cookies to Soldiers & Veterans

Last week, I read an inspiring story in the Kokomo Tribune about an area girl scout named Liz Brobst who was trying to donate 1,000 boxes of cookies to local vets and service members stationed far from home.  The eleven year old is a veteran girl scout…she’s been selling cookies since kindergarten…but this isn’t her first fundraising effort.  Last year, Liz donated about 650 boxes, but has set her sites higher this year.  She’ll be selling cookies Friday, March 3 at the Kokomo Wal Mart, Sunday March 5 she’ll be in Monticello at Kroger from 10am-7pm, and Sunday March 12 you’ll find Liz at Rural King in Kokomo from 4-8pm.  You can also donate via a website,  Let’s help Liz blow through her goal!!

Photo credit: Kokomo Tribune

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